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Regan’s Success Story

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Many of our participants have been having a lot of success since joining LivingWise, one person in particular is Regan who has lost 12% of his body weight. This is what he had to say about his time on the programme:

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“I am happy to say that I am still losing weight and have lost about 19kg in total since the start of the Living Wise programme started.

The most helpful thing was sharing a common goal with the other attendees and having a bit of rivalry with some of my colleagues. I also found the information interesting which certainly contributed to the weight loss.

Who would think that eating more would help you lose weight!?

Attending living wise and losing the weight has certainly had a positive impact on my social life as I am now not as self-conscious and receive compliments from friends and family about how well I am looking.

I certainly would recommend LivingWise as it helps you keep the focus and the momentum especially when you most need it such as at the beginning and the weeks when you plateau!”

Regan is now one of many of our participants who have had success on the programme, we wanted to share his weight loss journey with you to show how LivingWise really can help to change your lifestyle around for the better.

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