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Simple Diet Changes to Lose Weight

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The first thing that comes to mind when people think of the word diet is usually starving yourself and constantly being hungry. Sometimes the changes we need to make are far less drastic than you think.

 Keep it wholegrain

Studies have shown that those who consume more whole grain products have a lower risk of heart disease. Not only are whole grains good for your heart but they are also good for your waist line because they are high in fibre this means they keep you fuller for longer. There are few easy changes you can make when it comes to whole grains:

  • White bread to wholemeal
  • White pasta to whole-wheat pasta
  • White rice to brown rice
  • Sweet cereals to Porridge or Shredded Wheat, Weetabix, Branflakes etc.


If you like to drink a lot of tea and coffee and love your cereal in the morning then a simple swap you can make is ditching the full fat milk and going for something with less fat in it like skimmed or even 1%. When it comes to cheese, spreads and yoghurts, try opting for the reduced fat options. The choice is endless now and the lower fat versions can taste just as good! Just be sure to check the sugar content on lower fat products as it can be higher than regular products.

 Make it yourself

There are a lot of empty calories in packet food and when you eat dinner out the portion size is often a lot bigger, so it can be healthier to try and cook your favourite meals from scratch.

Like chips? Don’t buy them, simply cut up a potato into little wedges, spray with a little 1kcal spray oil and put it in the oven. You’ll save a lot of calories and reduce fat and salt intake if you take a little extra time to make your favourite meals from scratch. An added bonus is that buying produce is often a lot cheaper than pre made meals.

Cut down on sugar

Sugar is everywhere … it would probably shock you if you knew how much sugar you were having in a day without even realising it! That is why you should try and reduce your sugar intake where you can. If you’re having 5 cups of tea a day with around one sugar in of around 4g that’s 20g of sugar a day just from tea!

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