How to be active without going to the gym

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Not everyone likes the gym and nor does everyone have the time or money to go to the gym but you can still lead an active lifestyle in other ways!


Not that this is anyone’s top choice of activity, but once a week give your house a proper spring clean as it can be a good work out and added bonus is that you’ll get all the cleaning done!


Put some of your favourite music on at home and dance around for an hour, dancing is an exercise that is fun and still burns calories.


Gardening is a good work out because you get to be outside which can help us absorb a little more Vitamin DMowing the lawn, raking leaves, potting plants and weeding is sure to help you burn calories without really noticing.

Walk with a friend

Instead of inviting a friend for a drink or a coffee why not organise social walks with your friends a few evenings a week? That way you get to be social and burn calories at the same time! There is also walking group in the area that can be a great way to get some exercise whilst meeting some new people – why not look into : http://www.northlincs.gov.uk/tourism-museums-and-the-arts/enjoying-the-countryside/walks-cycle-routes/walking-to-health/

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