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How to stay healthy at work

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Sometimes it can be difficult to stay healthy at work especially if your colleagues aren’t jumping on the healthy band wagon too. Check out these tips to help you keep on track even when things get stressful.

 Keep a bottle of water near you

Try and keep a bottle of water near you throughout the day so that it is always in sight for you to sip on. You could also make hydration goals to ensure that you do drink enough throughout the day, e.g. half the bottle by lunch time.If you really don’t like plain water try adding a slice of lemon or lime for extra flavour.

Get out of your seat

If you work at a desk or spend a long time driving then try and get out of your seat as much as possible. On your lunch hour walk to the furthest away store if you’re buying lunch or simply make time to go for a 20 minute walk each day, the distance will eventually add up and you will also notice you are fitter and able to clock up a greater distance in the same time before long!

Keep healthy snacks near by

 Some times when you’re having a stressful day the first thing you want to reach for is a chocolate bar or some sweets to help get you through. These will only give you a short-term sugar boost and you will be quickly looking for another boost. Instead keep some fruit or nuts nearby where you are working that way if you feel tempted they will be there for a quick fix and you to stick with healthy options.

Exercise to work

If you struggle to fit in going to the gym before or after work then use your journey to and from as a form of exercise. You could walk or cycle or if you have to drive in park your car as far away as possible.

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