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LivingWise success with work place health

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Workplaces in North Lincolnshire are getting healthier with free support from our weight management service LivingWise.

In addition to running The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme, the Public Health team at North Lincolnshire Council commissioned LivingWise to help support creating a healthy work place.

LivingWise has partnered with local businesses including Ongo, British Steeland 2 Sisters Food Group to run a number of successful weight loss courses.

Martin from British Steel said:

“I feel better in myself and more able to respond to the everyday challenges that we experience, feeling fitter and healthier. My blood pressure has gone from very high to a normal level, my own GP has endorsed the programme. I have lost over 2 stone in 7 weeks and smashed my goal. The benefits on work are that overall I feel healthier and it is noticeable by my team. I would recommend the programme to anyone leading a busy life.”

LivingWise have also seen great success at Two Sisters Food Group evidenced by some further great weight losses over the duration of the programme – John has lost 1 stone 13lb, Shaun 2 stone 1lb, Lisa 1 stone 3lbs and Regan has lost over 2 stone during the 12 week programme.

Donna Shipman, Occupational Health Manager, said:

“The Living Wise programme was a huge success at 2 Sisters Food Group, the staff embraced the information and support they received on sustainable weight loss and methods of maintaining a healthy weight loss going forwards.”

LivingWise delivers free and effective 12-week weight management courses within the local community and now, more recently also within local businesses.

Beth Downie Health and Wellbeing Manager for LivingWise said:

“In addition to delivering our community based programmes across North Lincolnshire, our workplace programmes have been really effective in increasing access for residents and employees of North Lincs. If any other business in the area are interested in offering the free sessions for their staff we would welcome them to get in touch with LivingWise.”

LivingWise is available to everyone aged 16+ with a Body Mass Index (BMI) that indicates they are overweight or obese. BMIs can be checked at

If you are a resident or employee within North Lincolnshire, or registered at a North Lincs. GP practice you can sign up to LivingWise here: