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Stay motivated this autumn

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As the nights draw in earlier and earlier and the temperatures begin to drop, it becomes much more tempting to want to cosy down, forgo the exercise and we seem to crave more of the comfort foods and indulgent drinks. However, just because the temperature starts to drop, it doesn’t mean your motivation should too! Check out these tips on how you can keep up your healthy efforts this autumn.

Don’t think about losing weight just for Christmas
For some, its tempting after the summer to try and lose the holiday weight as quickly as possible in order to enjoy the Christmas period guilt free. But this isn’t healthy, crash dieting for Christmas (or anytime!) may lead you to gain more weight than previously. Its not always helpful to yourself a time frame to lose weight, instead think more around changing your lifestyle habits for the better and for the long-term. Christmas can be used as a goal to lose a healthy amount of weight for, as long as you are thinking along the lines of a realistic 1-2lb (0.5 -1kg)weight loss per week.

Make soup
When it starts to get colder we naturally crave warm, comforting foods but this doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy. The cold weather is a great time to start making healthy soups! Soups are perfect for a healthy lifestyle because they are packed full of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and they also keep you warm – they can also be very economical, making use of seasonal veg and also ideal for using items the fridge that are nearing the end of their best. Soup can also be a great transportable meal to take to work or even in a flask for a winter picnic on a sunny autumnal day!

Get outdoors
Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year so why not spend more time outdoors? The temperature is cooler and the leaves are pretty, it’s the perfect season to get your walking shoes on and do some daily exercise!

Early nights
One of the key aspects of leading a healthier lifestyle is getting enough sleep. Now that the summer evenings are coming to an end it makes it much easier to get an early night in every now and then. Sleep is important for your weight, if you don’t get enough it can affect your appetite and can impact on your craving for sugary foods, so try not to skimp on those sleeping hours!

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