Chris and Kathy

Sisters are doing it for themselves

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It would only be appropriate to quote this 1985 hit to explain our most recent success story. Sisters Christine, 60 and Kathy, 57 have recently completed the LivingWise programme in North Lincolnshire. In total the sisters have lost 20kg between them and with their new found knowledge of food and fitness they are looking to keep off the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Christine was recommended to the LivingWise programme from her GP and when she mentioned this to her sister Kathy she immediately asked her doctor for a referral. Joining the programme together they “were able to recognise each other’s anxieties and that we were both in it for health reasons.  As siblings we weren’t in competition with each other but supported and motivated each other to make the changes.”

Their determination meant that Christine lost 7kg and Kathy a staggering 13kg and they are hoping to keep the weight off. During the programme Christine “found the coach to be brilliant, her pace, motivation, knowledge and humour was very motivational.  The manuals given as part of the course were useful too” and Kathy “really enjoyed it, and felt it was a really positive course. I’ve been on other similar courses but found them unhelpful and contradictory”.

The programme allowed Christine and Kathy to work together to achieve their goals. Kathy says that she is “much more conscious of what I’m eating, making better choices, and reading labels more.” Christine has “been able to keep the weight off and am now eating regularly.  Also, if I do put on a little I know why and have the knowledge to take it off.  The course has helped me change my behaviours and I can now do things I didn’t before, such as stop when I’m full, instead of just eating for the sake of it.  I wish other people would do the course.”

“It was good because we were able to give each other reinforcement of what was covered in the session and ensure we understood what to do. We gave each other uplifting determination to see it through and make changes for our health.”

LivingWise is completely free! We can help you make important, lasting changes to your lifestyle and guarantee that you will have fun doing it.