5 Reasons to start exercising

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As summer is unfortunately drawing to a close and the heatwave is seemingly over, your motivation to exercise may be low. However, during the autumn we tend to become less active as the days become colder which isn’t beneficial for our physical health or mental wellbeing. Here are five reasons that you should start exercising today:

1) Exercise boosts your energy – You’ll be fitter and stronger so will be able to do your daily activities without becoming as tired or stressed. This will turn into a beneficial cycle as you’ll then have more energy for the workouts themselves. This will mean you’ll become even fitter and the cycle will continue.

2) Improves your memory – Studies have shown that even moderate walking can help your brain maintain its health. This will help your memory 24/7, so a short workout benefits much more than just your muscles!

3) Reduces body fat – The more you work out, the quicker you can burn off calories as your muscle mass increases. This results in your metabolism speeding up, so that when you do take in calories you’ll be able to burn them off faster. This will mean you’ll be leaner, stronger and feel better too!

4) Reduces the risk of dementia – Aerobic exercise has been shown to significantly reduce the risks of poor mental health in later life. This includes dementia, and it has been shown that older adults who don’t regularly exercise have less of the brain’s white matter, which acts as the ‘computer cables’ that connect parts of the brain.

5) Improves your breathing – Exercise will improve your breathing as the muscles that help to open up your lungs will be strengthened. This will make you feel better as you’ll be able to supply more oxygen to your body with less effort.