About us

City Livingwise is a high impact lifestyle and wellbeing service that helps people make important, lasting improvements to their health. You can call us on 0207 616 2338

City Livingwise is provided by REED Momenta and funded by City of London Council

Reed Momenta provides clinically credible high impact lifestyle and wellbeing programmes that help people lead healthier lives.

We look to make sustainable and positive changes for people by working with experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology and physical activity.

Reed Momenta addresses individual needs that allows us to maximise outcomes through fun and interactive interventions that are evidence based and outcome driven. We place our programmes in the heart of communities, working with local public, private and voluntary organisations to achieve our goals.

We recognise the importance of working with community-based and specialist partners and we have established strong relationships with delivery partners and stakeholders in all UK regions, including local authorities, community groups, charities and government agencies.

Get in touch with us: 0207 616 2338