You can access three City LivingWise services:


    Take our free 12 week weight management course and discover a sustainable approach to weight loss. We hold fun and supportive one hour group sessions every week. Learn about the relationship between activity, weight and nutrition.

    City LivingWise participants benefit from a behavioural weight management intervention developed by experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition and physiology and mapped to National Institute Guidelines for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. We help people lose weight in a safe and sustainable way.

    As well as our own service participants also have access to Weight Watchers meetings.


    Summary of National Outcome Data:

    Weight loss outcomes of completers (BMI 25-40)

    Average weight loss
    3 months
    Average weight loss
    9 months
    3%+ weight loss achieved
    5%+ weight loss achieved

    Our programme also achieves improvements in quality of life, anxiety, depression, vitality and self-esteem, measured using validated questionnaires.

    How it works

    1.5 hour Getting Started extended brief intervention
    Weekly one hour classroom-based sessions for 12 week
    Groups typically
    have between 15
    and 25 participants
    Discussion-based sessions led by trained professionals

    Adults should aim to be active for at least 150 minutes a week. City LivingWise provides specialist support if you have physical health problems that impede your activity levels.


    Our exercise referral service is for individuals with physical health problems that pose a barrier to participating in physical activity. We provide specialist support that enables them to increase their physical activity levels in an effective and appropriate manner.

    How it works

    Weekly one hour sessions for 12 weeks

    Interactive learning group

    Suitable for a wide range of conditions and abilities


    Have a free NHS Health Checks for 40-74 year olds to lower your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease or stroke. The NHS Health Check takes just 20 minutes. Using your results, we will help you maintain or improve your lifestyle.

    City residents aged 40 to 74 years-old can access a free NHS Health Check at the Neaman Practice or community locations. The NHS Health Check aims to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease or stroke. Advice and support based on the test results will be provided.

    How it works

    20 to 30 minute NHS health check with a trained professional

    Question-based lifestyle and hereditary assessments

    Several physical measurements and a blood test

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